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    Safe Driving Tips that Can Help You Avoid Vehicle Accidents

    Few drivers consider themselves bad drivers. In fact, most people would probably give themselves an A+ on their driving skills. While some may indeed be excellent drivers, there wouldn't be over 6 million vehicle accidents each year in the United States if everyone was an excellent driver.

    Even though what other drivers do can't be controlled and there will never be a way to completely eliminate the risk of being in a vehicle accident, you can practice safe driving to reduce your liklihood of being in a vehicle accident. It's up to each and every driver to do their part to make the roadways a safer place for themselves and other drivers. You can do this by first remembering the basics you were taught on safe driving - both hands on the wheel, signaling before turning, and so forth. Here are ten more safety tips to remember:

    1. Get rid of distractions like food, newspapers, books, makeup, and phones. Only change CDs or the radio station when stationary.

    2. Properly maintain your vehicle on a regular basis, including tires and all fluids. Refer to your owner's manual or accompanying maintenance log book for the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

    3. Routinely inspect your brake and signal lights. If one is non-operational, then replace the bulb or have it repaired immediately.

    4. Enroll in a defensive driving class.

    5. Practice defensive, but not aggressive, driving. When an aggressive driver is encountered, simply ignore them and either allow them to move away from you or move away from them yourself. If extremely aggressive, then you can report the driver to the local authorities.

    6. Keep a safe following distance; have at least one car length between you and the vehicle in front of you for each ten mph on your speedometer.

    7. Since many unintentional and intentional insurance scam vehicle accidents occur at intersections, you should depart from intersections with extreme caution. Even after the light turns green, try to count to three before accelerating.

    8. Be especially vigilant during poor road conditions, such as those caused by weather or construction work.

    Make sure your headlights are on not just at dusk and dark, but also during hazardous weather conditions like fog and rain.

    9. Set your mirrors and seat positions according to your view, not your passengers. Remember to check that they haven't been moved from your settings before hitting the road, since making such adjustments while driving takes your eyes off the road and distracts you.

    10. Never drive while intoxicated.

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