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We’ve got all the kinds of coverage you need, from car and home to motorcycle and boat insurance. Give us a call today or request a quote to find out how affordable insurance coverage can be.

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You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let all that be for nothing by leaving yourself, your employees, and your future unprotected. We can help you find complete coverage at an affordable price.

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    Personal Insurance - East Bay: Oakland Dublin CA

    Home insurance in the San Leandro, CA, area that you can count on


    Affordable car insurance in San Leandro, CA


    Top-quality umbrella insurance in San Leandro, CA


    Providing the personal insurance that you need in San Leandro, CA










    Personal Insurance that Fits Your Needs


    If you don't see the specific type of personal insurance you are looking for listed here...
    send us an email here or call our office in San Leandro, California. We'll be sure to work up a custom quote catered to your needs.


    • Home Insurance - East Bay: Oakland Dublin CA

    • Automobile Insurance East Bay Oakland Dublin CA

    • Umbrella Insurance - East Bay San Leandro, CA

    • Valuable Items Insurance - East Bay Dublin CA

    • Flood Insurance - East Bay San Leandro, CA

    • Motorcycle Insurance - East Bay Dublin, CA

    • RV Insurance - East Bay: Oakland Dublin CA

    • Boat Insurance - East Bay: Oakland Dublin CA

    • Renters Insurance - East Bay: Pleasanton, CA

    • Off-Road Insurance - East Bay: Oakland Dublin CA

    • Snowmobile Insurance - East Bay: Oakland CA

    • Earthquake Insurance - East Bay: Oakland, CA

      Benefits of Personal Insurance in San Leandro, CA

      You insure your house, car, and health, so why not insure your other valuable personal belongings or property? When you purchase personal insurance in San Leandro, CA, with our company, we can help make sure the value of your property is protected in almost any event. Whether you lose a valuable piece of equipment during a house fire or would be held liable if a guest is injured on your property, we have insurance for virtually every need. Some of the most popular types of specialty personal insurance policies include:

      • Renters Insurance – Similar to homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance covers a property you have a lease to live in, but do not own. This covers liability in the event of a guest’s injury on slippery ice or a stairwell as well as your personal property in the event of burglary or a house fire.
      • Personal Watercraft Insurance – Watercraft insurance is like car insurance for your boat. It covers damages to passengers and other watercraft in the event of an accident, and can also cover damage to your own watercraft in case of theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.
      • Automobile Insurance – This is required in virtually every state to help protect you from liability and other drivers in the event of a collision or accident. There are various types of automobile coverages including liability, damage to your own car, and multiple levels of coverage.

      Save Money by Bundling Insurance Types Together

      It’s best to have all your bases covered when it comes to property and personal insurance. From home insurance and boat insurance to renters insurance and personal umbrella policies, we can help you find the best value on virtually any type of coverage. Even better, we’ll create a bundle with all the insurance policies you need at a lower price than you’ll find almost anywhere else.

      Working with Multiple Insurance Companies

      We strive to get you the best rates possible on all types of insurance, which is why we work with numerous different insurance carriers to create the best bundle to suit your needs. Whether you’re simply trying to get the lowest price available on automobile insurance or you need several different policies to cover all your valuables, we’re here to help you find what you need.

      Contact us to discuss your needs with a professional insurance agent. We are proudly based in San Leandro, California.

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